The backbone of a successful property management business is strengthened by the quality of the properties managed. Safe Harbor Property Management entered the Pierce and So. King County property management business with a quality–versus–quantity approach to the business. While we could have a larger number of properties in our market area, we instead chose to create a company culture of superior customer service for our homeowner / investor clients.

This approach to providing a comprehensive package of homeowner services has allowed Safe Harbor Property Management to grow and prosper. You see, when we attract the very best properties by catering to our homeowner investor clients, they recommend us to others, and our inventory of homes in Auburn, Spanaway, Tacoma, Lakewood and other cities our rental property business grows as well. The best rental properties attract the best tenants. By serving these tenants well, they also recommend us, and more quality tenants are lined up waiting for our rental homes.


You’re reading this on our primary marketing platform, the Safe Harbor Property Management website. However, there’s a comprehensive package of marketing media and services that we provide for our homeowner clients. Ask our staff for details about our marketing services. We create Pierce and South King County rental strategies on your behalf. Read more about our property marketing strategies here.

Our marketing outreach on your behalf also includes Dupont, Milton, Lacey, Issaquah, Renton and Seattle, amongst many others.

Tenant Screening

A major component of cost reduction in rental property ownership is the avoidance of damage and non–payment of rent. Thorough tenant screening, including interviews (yes even the pet) and a comprehensive application process, Safe Harbor Property Management reduces our homeowner costs in the Auburn, Spanaway, Tacoma, and Lakewood rental property markets.

Property Maintenance

Property repair and maintenance improperly handled can not only increase rental property costs, but it also can negatively impact resale when the investment is retired. Ask our staff about our comprehensive rental property maintenance procedures.

Serving Tacoma, Lakewood, Auburn areas with property management services.

Tenant Management & Rent Procedures

Once a tenant is in place, unit vacancy costs can be substantially lower if they renew their lease. That’s far more likely to happen if the tenant is happy with the property and the service they received while living there. Safe Harbor Property Management strives to make tenant satisfaction a high priority, and we know it’s working when they bring us other tenants as referrals. However, our obligation to our homeowners is just as high of a priority. Our procedures for collection of rent, remittance to owners, and accounting for all income and expenses are detailed and result in efficiency and lower risks for homeowners in the Auburn, Spanaway, Tacoma, and Lakewood rental property markets. Learn more here about our rent & tenant policies.

Serving Pierce and So. King County communities.