Property Care and Maintenance Services



We take the care of your properties seriously.
It is clear to us that rental property homeowners have legitimate property care concerns, and Safe Harbor Property Management LLC takes these concerns very seriously. Whether the rental home is for investment or being held until a more favorable time to sell, the paramount focus is to safeguard the home’s condition, cut maintenance expenses, and maintain the highest resale/release viability.

Property care & maintenance services of rental properties is one of the most detailed and task-oriented service that we do for our homeowner clients. It requires not only Safe Harbor staff’s involvement but the coordination between vendors and residents. We have found that communication is the vital key to our success.

We have thoroughly vetted our contractors for honesty, efficiency, cost competitiveness, and response time. When your home has a maintenance problem, we’re on it quickly to resolve the issue as soon as possible. This is all completed within the requirements of our rental management agreement and current landlord/tenant law guidelines. We do all this in a way where your tenant is inconvenienced as little as possible and your home is repaired efficiently at a reasonable cost.

The other area that we pay close attention to is the documenting of a property’s condition before move–in and at move–out. We use a dual purpose move–in/move–out detailed checklist along with videos and pictures. This allows the fair settlement of any out–of–the–ordinary damage or damage that’s not normal wear–and–tear.

We will drive by your property and even do interior inspection upon request. We make note of any damages or needs for future capital improvements. You are then given a report of your home’s condition and potential. With our carefully documented records of invoices, warranties for equipment or appliances we have saved our clients money in services and on their taxes.

We are proud to have many of our new clients come to us through referrals from our current partnerships with homeowners we work alongside. We even pay a referral bonus for property care and maintenance services management referrals. After the 1st month’s rent and a one year lease is signed , we pay out the bonus.